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Provide support and promote change in the cannabis industry

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A space for meaningful networking, community and business building

providing tools for entrepreneurs & businesses to support and champion female creative

talent and leadership

We know that when more women are involved, businesses excel in profits, communicate better and succeed in perpetuity. The Green Tent is sponsored by diverse women-led businesses and brands and is generously supported by conference organizers to do just that and provide opportunities where it counts.

Question the status quo

Build relationships that support women in cannabis

The Green Tent is the place for women to ask in-depth questions and get real answers and support from panelists and industry experts,  ultimately providing an unprecedented opportunity for meaningful networking in a break-speed industry.

Create and build together

We Can Do It All, together.

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What We Can Do For You

We’re a haven for connection and innovation amongst women in a sea of male-dominated businesses. We support diversity of all kinds and help businesses and individuals alike find and support qualified, educated and capable women in the industry. 


Meet us in The Green Tent at the upcoming cannabis conferences and expos in Canada for an excellent schedule of workshops and talks for and by cannabis professionals.


It can be difficult to navigate the evolving cannabis industry. We, provide a physical space at upcoming cannabis expos and conferences inclusive for all women to connect face-to-face.


We help businesses create equitable workplaces and provide growth opportunities for women within their companies Together, through supporting each other to achieve goals, we will challenge the status quo, fight for equal opportunity and equal pay, showcase the strength and capability of industry professionals and change the current state of the Canadian cannabis industry.


Women need a space to share information and resources on the cannabis conference show floor. By providing platform for women in the industry, we have created room to grow personally and professionally, armed with each other’s knowledge and expertise to be shared at cannabis conferences across Canada.

From Our Founding Team

Meet us in The Green Tent

The Green Tent was born out of necessity and inspired by shared experience. After an especially long day spent pairing off in “buddies” to brave the cannabis trade show floor, one group of women decided to act. The bench in the front hall is no place to do business. When women are more comfortable sharing information and resources on that bench than on the show floor, something needs to be done!  With the implementation of physical space on cannabis show floors, exclusively for women to connect and share, The Green Tent facilitates the exchange of ideas, skills, and resources amongst the industry’s best, as well as for those who are just becoming integrated and hope to learn and find support. 

This weekend in Toronto— June 8 & 9 #underthegreentent at O'Cannabiz

We’ll be at Booth #140 generously provided by O’Cannabiz to help ensure more women find support at their upcoming cannabis conference. The Green Tent has a full schedule of connections and sessions thanks to our amazing sponsors. Will we see you there?


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Created in Toronto Connecting women in the cannabis industry throughout Canada